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by Atelier Ecru Gallery                                                   ANTWERP, May 2022


Atelier Ecru Gallery presented an ambitious exhibition with 22 designer-artists in a unique location: a former ballet school in the middle of the historical city centre of Antwerp. 

The two-floor penthouse with a total of 600 m2, in a classicist bourgeois townhouse between 'Oude Beurs' and 'Kaasrui', is a real hidden gem with wonderful cinematic light and beautiful rough edges.

It is thus the ideal setting to become the temporary home of Atelier Ecru Gallery, the Ghent-based gallery for contemporary, brutalist & modern design, art and furniture.

Often the works are deeply connected to nature or natural elements, combining experimentation with craft.

By presenting works of these different generation designer-artists in an unusual, dramatic setting, Atelier Ecru Gallery is creating a collection of objects that display a sense of stillness and serenity. This feeling is strengthened by the use of raw and inherent beauty of natural materials.

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