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Graduated in interior architecture from ESA Saint-Luc Brussels and in textile design from ENSAV La Cambre, Adeline Halot creates unique metallic textile works.

These sculptural pieces, executed by hand, express a desire to translate natural elements - minerals and plants - through weaving. These creations lives in an architecture, capture the light and express a contemplative relationship with time. 

The combination of natural fibres and metal gives a dynamic result. Thanks to the use of different wires and threads, the weaves are shaped and the light beams passing through give them a kinetic character.  

Adeline Halot brings a new dimension to the practice of weaving. Her detailed creations are the result of an instinctive expression that organises the material on the border between art and design.


Atelier Ecru Gallery  —  Gent 
GARDE —  Los Angeles / Dallas
GaleriePHILIA  —  New-York / Geneva


Located on the edge of Bruxelles

The workshop is in Zaventem Ateliers, a former industrial site of 6000m2. This space gathers about thirty independent studios.


The creations are developed in Wallonia, Belgium.

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