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by Garde.                                                             NEW-YORK, Nov. 2022


Salon Art + Design, produced by Sanford L. Smith + Associates, returns to the Park Avenue Armory in New York City November 10-14, 2022. Salon presents the world’s best design – vintage, modern and contemporary – enhanced by blue-chip 20th century art, and features leading art and design galleries from all over the world, spotlighting the trends of collectible design. 


The Salon’s inclusivity and willingness to consider both fine and decorative art in the context of contemporary life is predicated on the belief that today, more than ever, designers and collectors create environments rather than collect objects. The success of the Salon lies in the quality of its exhibiting galleries, the extremely international flavor of the material, and an eclecticism that is highly sought by today’s collectors and taste-makers.

Appealing to seasoned and young collectors alike, Salon offers an extensive yet curated range of pieces, ensuring something for everyone.

Salon Art + Design — NEW-YORK
'Moving Traces 07.' - Antwerp

by Atelier Ecru Gallery                                                   ANTWERP, May 2022


Atelier Ecru Gallery presented an ambitious exhibition with 22 designer-artists in a unique location: a former ballet school in the middle of the historical city centre of Antwerp. 

The two-floor penthouse with a total of 600 m2, in a classicist bourgeois townhouse between 'Oude Beurs' and 'Kaasrui', is a real hidden gem with wonderful cinematic light and beautiful rough edges.

It is thus the ideal setting to become the temporary home of Atelier Ecru Gallery, the Ghent-based gallery for contemporary, brutalist & modern design, art and furniture.

Often the works are deeply connected to nature or natural elements, combining experimentation with craft.

By presenting works of these different generation designer-artists in an unusual, dramatic setting, Atelier Ecru Gallery is creating a collection of objects that display a sense of stillness and serenity. This feeling is strengthened by the use of raw and inherent beauty of natural materials.

Racines Aeriennes

'Jean Nouvel : Racines Aériennes'
by Galerie Philia                                                      Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2022

Blending with the unique architecture of Jean Nouvel, Galerie Philia’s elegant collection of sculptural design and art dresses these villas in a new look and create stunning vistas, transforming them into a living and breathing homes.
Villa Maeterlinck in Nice and villa in St Jean Cap Ferrat, both are perfectly integrated into the landscape and boast terrace gardens in front of wide private sea views on the Mediterranean.
Tillandsias in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Monsteras in Nice were planted by Jean Nouvel as an ode to their aerian roots. This specific fauna is in complete harmony with the asesthetic of the influential architect whose innovative aerian principle transforms buildings into dematerialized natural environments. Set in a mesmerizing atmosphere, between the breath-taking coast and the unassuming minimalism of Nouvel, Galerie Philia enhances this dialogue between the aesthetic of the architecture and its natural surroundings. The concept of aerian roots is in the heart of the scenography of Galerie Philia as transcultural art and design works were selected for the plural and complex aesthetic and national identities they convey.


by Atelier Ecru Gallery x Bruno Spaas                          ANTWERP
, Dec. 2022

Bruno Spaas Architectuur presents its newly inaugurated penthouse with works by national and international artists curated by Atelier Ecru Gallery.

'Magellan' - Knokke