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DOJO 2.0
 Dennis Ekisola                                                  Antwerp, Jan. 2024

'Northern Antwerp, the former meatpacking district. A garage door simply branded Dojo. Behind it, a 200 m2 warehouse that’s been impressively remodeled with concrete, glass, steel, neon lights, Japanese artwork, a giant screen, and untreated wood tables. Welcome to the temple of German-Nigerian chef Dennis Ekisola and Valeriya Gertseva, for an underground omakase experience, brought to you by their arsenal of garum, koji, fermentations, and dishes grilled over wood charcoal. The show might begin with an oyster seasoned with the same bivalve in powdered form, homemade kudzu tofu and Ossetra caviar (optional) and sunchoke tofu with Belgian caviar (also optional). What next? Scallop sashimi, enhanced by a garum boasting subtle notes of fermented scallop; vivifying amberjack marinated for five to ten days in shio koju; the unique flavors of white kombu and bluefin tuna, plus umeboshi fermented in sake, monkfish with tofu and XO sauce, wagyu beef grilled over binchotan charcoal and served with garlicky ponzu sauce… ending with a yuzu tartlet. // Louis Sipido'.   Le Fooding

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