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Adeline Halot initiated her academic path with a focus on architecture, fueled by a continuous fascination for spaces, volumes, and forms. Holding a degree in interior architecture, she sustained an ongoing exploration for novel design elements. This innate desire to work with materials was imperative, prompting her to delve into a second degree in textile design at La Cambre.


Today, Adeline Halot's art is a bold exploration of materials. She sculpts woven compositions of metallic wires and flax linen yarns to create unique sculptures that symbolize the fusion of nature and technology. Her works, made distinctive by dynamic textures and shapes, draw inspiration from organic and mineral forms. The interaction of light, shadows, and the textile identity of her sculptures offers a captivating visual experience that adapts to different environments. Adeline's art reflects a constant observation of the intersections between art and the natural world.


Located on the edge of Bruxelles

The workshop is in Zaventem Ateliers, a former industrial site of 6000m2. This space gathers about thirty independent studios.


The creations are developed in Wallonia, Belgium.

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