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 Michaël Hadida                                                   Paris, Oct. 2023


Thema is a cultural platform that specialises in historical and contemporary design & art, with a committed, inclusive and sustainable approach.

Thema breaks down the barriers of the traditional trade fair, both in substance and form, from its scenography to its committed values.

Participants include a curation of contemporary designers and artists from the fields of architecture, art and crafts, in accordance with our charter*.

by Atelier Ecru Galllery                                    Miami Beach, Dec. 2023


For Design Miami Atelier Ecru Gallery presents a diverse range of works by both established and emerging Belgian and European artists and designers. This presentation brings together a collection of captivating pieces that explore the concept of movement and the transient nature of traces left behind. Experience pure and grounded luxury in a curated setting, surrounded by tactile materials, all within a timeless Belgian atmosphere. 

Atelier Ecru Gallery, dedicated to show contemporary, brutalist and modern art, design, and furniture from Belgian and International artists and designers.  


 Works at Design/ Miami: Adeline Halot, Arthur Vandergucht, Bram Vanderbeke, Charlotte Jonckheer, Jojo Corväiá, Jumandie Seys, Katrien Doms, Lucas Morten, Middernacht&Alexander, Niclas Wolf, Pierre De Valck, Tim Vranken.


by Victoire Monrose                                    Cogolin, Côte d'Azur, July 2023

The Gallery Stay Tuned presented a fusion of art and nature at Château Saint-Maur in Cogolin, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. This art exhibition seamlessly combines creativity with viticultural elegance. Stroll through inspiring works integrate with the vine rows, providing a visually engaging experience. An encounter between art, terroir, and refinement offers an immersive exploration of this unique.

by Garde.                                                             NEW-YORK, Nov. 2022


Salon Art + Design, produced by Sanford L. Smith + Associates, returns to the Park Avenue Armory in New York City November 10-14, 2022. Salon presents the world’s best design – vintage, modern and contemporary – enhanced by blue-chip 20th century art, and features leading art and design galleries from all over the world, spotlighting the trends of collectible design. 


The Salon’s inclusivity and willingness to consider both fine and decorative art in the context of contemporary life is predicated on the belief that today, more than ever, designers and collectors create environments rather than collect objects. The success of the Salon lies in the quality of its exhibiting galleries, the extremely international flavor of the material, and an eclecticism that is highly sought by today’s collectors and taste-makers.

Appealing to seasoned and young collectors alike, Salon offers an extensive yet curated range of pieces, ensuring something for everyone.

Salon Art + Design — NEW-YORK
'Moving Traces 07.' - Antwerp

by Atelier Ecru Gallery                                                   ANTWERP, May 2022